1. Dibviewolo IPTV Hotel System

IPTV System 001.png

IPTV Headend Eqipments:

1.OTV-TP24 8-Channels Professional Receiver

2.OTV-IRD78 4-Channels Professional Receiver

3.OTV-6000 IPTV Streaming Server

4.OTV-HES1 Video Streaming Encoder

(One-Channel H.265/H.264 Streaming Encoder)

5.OTV-HCE16 Video Streaming Encoder

(Multi-channel H.265/H.264 Streaming compression)

6.OTV-1000 IPTV Management Server

IPTV System

The system has adopted strict security policies to make the system resources and content safe. Intranet and Internet delivery system has an effective quarantine measures to prevent hackers and unauthorized access. 

Easy Management

Convenient management of subscribed users with billing function.

Valuable Services

Streaming solutions enable channels much higher quality with decreased deployment cost. 

Advertising functions

Advertisement insertion and random inserting capabilities make the system be with more business value.

High level design-Considering the operational purpose, stream system is designed and implemented to support large-scale system architecture, with capacity to deal with Content distribution, and the load balancing of the whole system.

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