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The current popular live broadcast method is nothing more than picture-in-picture + green screen live broadcast. There may be problems with the links above.

What is picture-in-picture, that is, two media sources are superimposed together

Please check below picture:

Pro camera 01.png

How to make the camera only show people and make the background completely transparent, which requires the usage of green screen cutout technology.

What is the green screen cutout, which will make the background of the green video transparent. If it is a camera, the background behind the character must be a green background (you need to buy a green screen, of course, a blue screen is fine)

Take the green screen video (same for the camera) as an example to see how to make the background transparent. Achieve the effect as shown in the figure below.

Pro camera 02.png

1. Use OBS to add video to the source, as shown below: 

Pro camera 03.png

2. Right-click the green screen material and select filter: 

Pro camera 04.png

3. Add plus sign in the lower left corner, add chroma key: 

Pro camera 05.png

4. This is a green screen, we select the green screen (if it is a blue screen, then select the blue screen), slide to adjust the similarity, smoothing and other parameters, until the green screen effect.

Pro camera 06.png

Above, the picture-in-picture live broadcast and the green screen cutout live broadcast are completed.

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