An intuitive yet powerful IPTV/OTT solution


IPTV system needs both a streaming services software and a set-top-box (STB) which is used to decode the IP video streaming on location, as and when needed. The media content streamed are encoded in digital signals delivered over IPTV Middleware via IP packets that must be digitally encoded by the device at the end consumer's disposal. 

The first and the most imperative factor concerning OTT/IPTV broadcasting is the stability & quality of the stream. Dibview ProVideo IPTV Streaming Encoder Decoder series takes on the challenge by comprehending 4K 60FPS streaming with various streaming protocols, bit rates, and formats embedded to top-of-the-line server grade system. We are proud to offer quality broadcasting level encoders at affordable pricing together to change the habit of world's TV watching. 


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