Encoder Live School Realizes 1080P high-definition Smooth broadcast Case

Today I want to share a successful case of school live broadcast,

Below I will only briefly describe this solution. There are 36 classrooms in this school. The video stream can be pushed through the server. However, the school's server is quite backward, and they don't want to buy a better server. To work together with the live broadcast system, it needs to increase the cost. If it is deployed with the OTV-HCV2 encoder, it will be perfect, because it is highly scalable and can meet the live broadcast needs of all classrooms in all schools. Okay, please check the picture: 

Live  Live.png

In the above picture, each of 36 classrooms is equipped with an OTV-HCV2 device, which is directly connected to the large TV screen of the classroom through the HDMI high-definition cable, and 3-4 OTV-HCV2 units are placed in the main studio of the school to realize the distribution of the main broadcast video, among which M1- M3 equipment is the distribution equipment, which can be increased with the increase of the classrooms. Generally, it is reasonable to distribute 12 channels of one OTV-HCV2. According to the above picture, if the classroom is expanded, it can be expanded to 12*12=144 classrooms at most. Need to expand, you can add another level, this is flexibility. In order to reduce the delay, it is recommended that the M1-M3 intermediate forwarding stage does not enable encoding and decoding, and only forwards the video stream, so that no matter how many stages are added, the delay will not increase much.

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