• OTV-H4KD1 4K Video Encoder Decoder
  • OTV-H4KD1 4K Video Encoder Decoder
  • OTV-H4KD1 4K Video Encoder Decoder
  • OTV-H4KD1 4K Video Encoder Decoder
  • OTV-H4KD1 4K Video Encoder Decoder
  • OTV-H4KD1 4K Video Encoder Decoder
  • OTV-H4KD1 4K Video Encoder Decoder
OTV-H4KD1 4K Video Encoder Decoder OTV-H4KD1 4K Video Encoder Decoder OTV-H4KD1 4K Video Encoder Decoder OTV-H4KD1 4K Video Encoder Decoder OTV-H4KD1 4K Video Encoder Decoder OTV-H4KD1 4K Video Encoder Decoder OTV-H4KD1 4K Video Encoder Decoder

OTV-H4KD1 4K Video Encoder Decoder

    OTV-H4KD1 Mini 4K Video Encoder Decoder is a multi-functional all-in-one device, including encoding decoding. When you use it, you can select the corresponding function input and output port to achieve the function what you need.



OTV-H4KD1 Mini 4K Video Encoder Decoder is a multi-functional all-in-one device, including encoding decoding. When you use it, you can select the corresponding function input and output port to achieve the function what you need.

It supports web management and also you can install an APP on your Android phone to manage the device which can help you manage more easily.

OTV-H4KD1 Mini 4K Video Encoder Decoder with Two functions: The first function, HDMI to IP H.264/H.265/MJPEG encoding with HDMI loop out. The second function, IP input to HDMI output , H.264/H.265/MJPEG decoding output, HDMI output support up to 1080P 60fps. Support RTSP/HTTP/UDP/RTMP/RTMPS/HLS/RTP/SRT protocols. Also the encoding and decoding can work simultaneously.

OTV-H4KD1 Mini 4K Video Encoder Decoder with its powerful functions can be widely used in education, health care, IPTV, conference, remote education, news interview, banking, transportation and other industries. This is a cost-effective and functional choice for customers who need encoder, decoder devices in the same time.

Key Features:

Support 4K 30fps Encoding 

Support 4K 30fps Decoding 

Encoding Decoding Type: H.264/H.265/MJPEG 

Decoding output 1 channel HDMI 1080P 60fps

NDI Optional as per order

Supports ONVIF access to NVR and can decode network cameras 

Support two-way voice intercom 

Encode and decode multiple protocols


Technical Specifications:


Streaming protocol


Private protocol:HTTP PTE

Audio and video input

video input:1ch HDMI

audio input:

1 channel HDMI built-in audio

1 channel 3.5mm external audio

Video encoding

Encoding type:H.265/H.264/MJPEG

H.264 level:baseline/main /high optional

Encoding frame rate: same as input frame rate/automatic/custom frame rate 5-60

Key frame interval (frame): 5-300 adjustable

Bit rate (kbit): 32-32000 adjustable

Resolution after encoding:3840x2160/1920x1200/1920x1080/1680x1056/1680x1050/1600x1200/1600x900/1366x768/1280x1024/1280x720/1024x768/1024x576/960x540/ 850x480/800x600/720x576/720x540/720x480/720x404/704x576/640x480/640x360/608x448/544x480/512x288/480x480/480x384/480x360/480x320/480x272/480x270/400x320/400x224/352x480/352x228/320x256/320x240/320x180/240x180/Same as input resolution

Stream control: CBR/VBR/Strong CBR optional

Image quality range: high/higher~high/medium~high/lower~high/low~high

Stream: 1ch main stream, 3ch secondary streams

Audio encoding

Audio input: digital/analog

Encoding sampling rate: 44100/48000/same as input sampling rate optional

Encoding method: AAC/AAC+/AAC++/MP3/MP2/AC3/Opus optional

Left and right channels: L+R/L/R

Encoding bit rate: AAC:48000~320000 /AAC+:24000~48000/

AAC++:12000~32000/MP3:64000~320000 /

MP2: 64000~320000 / AC3: 40000~640000 / Opus: 8000-256000 adjustable

Digital volume gain: -50~50 adjustable

Reduce dryness: disable/enable optional

PTE stream uses G711A encoding: disable/enable optional

RTSP stream uses G711A encoding: disable/enable/enable with resampling to 8 optional

G711 coding: G711A/G711 optional


Transparency: 0-255 adjustable

Type: text/picture/scrolling text/time

Area: 4 areas available

X coordinate:0-1920

Y coordinate:0-1080

LOGO: You can upload 4 LOGOs to choose from.

Font size:8-72

Background color: transparent/white/black

Font color: RGB color optional


Decode streaming protocol

Private protocol: HTTP PTE


Video decoding


Frame rate: 1-60

Bit rate (kbit):32-32000

Resolution: Maximum support 2160P@30

Number of Channels: 1 CH

Audio decoding


Number of channels: single channel/dual channel

Sampling rate Hz:8000/11250/22500/44100/48000

Number of Channels: 1 CH

Video output

Resolution: 1920x1200P60/1600x1200P60/1920x1080P60/1920x1080P50/1920x1080P30/1920x1080P25/1920x1080P24/1680x1050P60/1440x900P60/1366 x768P60/1280x1024P60/1280x800P60/1280x720P60/1280x720P50

HDMI: 48KHz dual channel output

Audio output

3.5MM: support

HDMI: support




Network: Gigabit

Configuration management: Configuration management through WEB

ONVIF: Support ONVIF search and browse videos

Power supply: 12V

Power consumption:<4W

Working temperature: -20℃+60℃

Working humidity: <90%, no condensation



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